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Specialising in period and classical style homes. We are known for our high standard of service, workmanship and detailing. Our focus is providing customised designs to meet individual requirements creating a unique B&G Cole home.
Contact Details
Manager: Bryan & Gayle Cole
Location: 63 Lavender Park Road
South Eltham, Vic 3095
Telephone: 03 9439 4754
Fax: 03 9439 4323
Email: bgcole@access.net.au
URL: www.bgcole.com.au

Building History into Homes
People who invest in the homes we design and build appreciate the fact that we only build up to 15 homes per year and are not mass produced project builders.

You deal with the same person from start to finish (Gayle or Bryan Cole) --- not 10 different people.

Project builders build standard designs to a price, to save themselves money.

We build houses that make money for our clients!

That’s because our houses stand the test of time. They are timeless, individual homes with character and charm. Homes that simply become an extension of the lifestyle, image, prestige and style which you live, or want to live.

We want your experience to be the least stressful possible and we would do this by:

•Taking time to listen to your concerns, your dreams and your fears.
•By being reliable and responsible in meeting deadlines and commitments.
•By delivering service and quality than is better than you expect.

Products & Services
Home Builder:

•New Homes.
•Period Style Homes.
•Unmatched standards of professionalism, honesty and customer-focused service.

The homes we build are one of a kind, it's a fact that we have never built the same home twice. We consider ourselves to be a boutique builder rather than a producer of production line homes.
7 Reasons why you should choose B&G Cole to build your Dream Home:
1. Different people have different lifestyles, different stages of life, different needs – we listen
2. Your home is designed to capitalise on your block
3. Our architect starts to produce a ‘concept plan’ that will capture your lifestyle needs
4. Your 15 Performance Standards ensure quality
5. You get 4 times the normal maintenance period
6. Testimonials – Our aim, the reason we have been in a successful business since we began in 1987, is because we are continually exceeding our clients expectations
7. A home built by B & G COLE PTY LTD comes with features, that we believe are indicative of the minimum standard and quality of the home our clients demand in their new home

Experience & Qualifications
B & G Cole Pty Ltd have over 17 years experience in the home construction and design industry
We are an HIA Member
Business Hours
Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm
After hours by appointment.
Mission Statement
To provide unmatched standards of professionalism, honesty and customer focused service to every client; to be genuinely interested in our clients' goals, aspirations and needs; and to offer products and services which ensure complete client satisfaction.
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